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Mind-Body Strategies for Navigating High Stress with Constable Amy Bourdreau

Updated: Aug 16

Join York Police Constable Amy Boudreau, an accomplished Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, as she shares her transformative journey and addresses the unique challenges confronting first responders. Gain insights into her mission of equipping first responders with effective mind-body strategies for navigating high stress and counteracting the health impacts of chronic stress and trauma exposure. Delve into Amy's personal evolution through yoga and mindfulness, and explore the juxtaposition of bottom-up versus top-down stress management approaches, along with healing trauma and sustaining holistic well-being. Discover how the Gravity Yoga approach intertwines with her methods, promoting mental and physical rejuvenation. Amy Boudreau's expertise sheds light on the invaluable role of yoga and mindfulness in bolstering resilience among first responders and cultivating enduring wellness.


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