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PODCAST: Rev. Qalvy Grainzvolt

Chaplain Qalvy Grainzvolt is a native New Yorker, an ordained Shinnyo-en Buddhist priest and lead meditation guide at The Shinnyo Center for Meditation and Wellbeing. Qalvy is also a U.S. Army National Guard veteran, a uniformed chaplain for the Port Chester Police department in Westchester County, New York, and the first Buddhist chaplain for the New York City Transit system, including its MTA police department. He has provided mindfulness training to NYPD officers.

Rev. Grainzvolt shares his experience as a Buddhist priest and meditation doing law enforcement chaplaincy and teaching mindfulness to police officers. The importance of work-life balance for first responder spiritual fitness and resilience. The power of conscious breathing and mindfulness in managing transitions from home to work and work to home as well as the power of connecting with nature for spiritual resilience. A brief guided mindfulness meditation practice making use of images from the natural world.

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