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PODCAST: Rev. Michael G. Christie: Mindfulness in Corrections

Updated: Apr 5

Chaplain Michael G. Christie, D.Min is a Christian minister and a Chaplaincy supervisor with the Connecticut Department of Corrections. He is also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher who offers coaching and training to individuals, non-profits, and corporations on various topics: race relations, stress resilience, conflict resolution, and Non-Violent Communication (NVC). He is currently developing a training program with Law Enforcement to improve community relations. Dr. Christie shares his experiences and insights as a corrections chaplain, a Christian minister, and a mindfulness teacher. In this episode, we discuss: 1. Spiritual fitness and resilience from a Christian perspective and a more universal perspective.Teaching mindfulness in Corrections. 2. Prison chaplains' role is to support and minister to the needs of correctional officers and other corrections staff. 3. How he integrates mindfulness meditation, Non-Violent Communication, and other practices into his Christian ministry and correctional chaplaincy.

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