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PODCAST: Mandar Apte

Cities4Peace founder-director, producer of the documentary From India With Love, meditation teacher, and former global manager of Shell Oil's prestigious GameChanger social innovation program, Mandar Apte, discusses the confluence of his work at Shell, generating and investing in ideas that create shared value – business value and social impact, and his current Cities4Peace project, an initiative to promote peace in cities worldwide by bringing together law enforcement, community members, and business leaders to work together in transforming chronic violence in cities like Los Angeles, California and San Salvador, Brazil. The natural service orientation of law enforcement officers and other first responders and the need for all of us to remember that and to respect and honor these professionals for their often heroic public service. He became very concerned about the level of violence in our societies and communities and began interviewing law enforcement professionals to better understand the contributing factors to chronic violence, how a single murder costs a community roughly one million dollars, and the economic need and potential economic benefits and opportunities connected to dramatically reducing violence in our cities.

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