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PODCAST: Normalizing Mindfulness for First Responders with Scott Salvatore and Joseph Glaser-Reich

Updated: Apr 5

Dr. Scott Salvatore and Joseph Glaser-Reich: Normalizing Mindfulness for First Responders

Active duty Public Health Service psychologist with Homeland Security and ICE, Dr. Scott Salvatore & Aviation Survival Technician and U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer, Joseph Glaser, talk about the University of San Diego mindfulness training research initiative involving more than a dozen U.S. federal law enforcement and Department of Homeland Security agencies, including Secret Service, ICE, FEMA, Coast Guard, U.S. Border Patrol, Customs, TSA and more. The challenges and best practices for doing effective mindfulness training research with first responder agencies and the on the ground realities of first responder experience and training needs. The demonstrated transformational power of mindfulness training for tactical performance, mindset, health and wellbeing and overall life satisfaction and happiness. The importance of both leadership and grass roots support for prioritizing resilience, health and wellbeing and for normalizing mindfulness and other mind-body training for first responders.

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