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PODCAST: Dr. Susanne Knabe-Nicol, Ph.D

U.K. police veteran, investigative psychologist, advocate for evidence-based policing, and founder of Police Science, Dr. Susanne Knabe-Nicol, Ph.D., discusses her current work in making sound scientific research available in digestible video formats through an online global platform to active law enforcement leadership and frontline officers to foster and support an evidence-based approach to reform and transformation in policing and public safety -- both in terms of officer safety and wellbeing and improvements in law enforcement practice and community relations.

The need to evolve policing to the same evidence-based practice standards that we demand and expect in medicine and other professions... establishing law enforcement best practices grounded in quality scientific research.

How traditional modes of policing damage police-community relations, as well as the law enforcement professionals themselves, and the need to change to a more human-centered, emotionally intelligent approach and law enforcement culture.

The critical role of leaders in removing the stigmas associated with self-care and mental health care and to lead the way in modeling good self-care practices and getting regular mental health check-ups.

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