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PODCAST: Chief Cory Darling

Updated: Apr 4

32-year police veteran and current Sunriver, Oregon Police Chief Cory Darling, who previously served as a patrol officer, detective, Sergeant, lieutenant and captain with the City of Bend, OR Police Department, including 5 years as a Narcotics Investigator, 16 years with a regional SWAT team, and more, discusses his current commitment to the safety, resilience and wellbeing of all of his officers and other personnel as well as current challenges in policing and necessary priorities for the future of public safety. How early career experiences inspired him to move beyond and aspire to transform the dehumanizing and isolating, us versus them attitudes common in law enforcement culture. The importance of law enforcement and public safety leaders, leading from the front, directly participating in and modeling the wellness or resilience training programs they bring into their agencies. Discovering how yoga and mindfulness reduced occupational injuries and his own path of participating in and leading these wellness and resilience training programs. 

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