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PODCAST : Challenges Faced by People of Color and LGBTQ as First Responders with Steven MJ Nelson

Former Navy medical corpsman, active service paramedic and EMS professional, and doctoral candidate in health administration, Steven MJ Nelson, MHA, LP, talks about his experiences as a black, gay man serving in the Navy, going through paramedic school and now serving as a paramedic and EMS professional in Texas as well as the challenges all paramedics face in maintaining their health and wellbeing during a very challenging career with ongoing high stress and trauma exposure.

The challenges faced by people of color and the LGBTQ community as first responders, and how he has worked to raise awareness for diversity and inclusion in EMS. The challenges paramedics face moving from one challenging call to another, needing to compartmentalize to focus on their job, and the risks of not allowing time to process traumatic experiences. His experience of the value of mental health and counseling support and the need to transform the stigmas associated with mental health support and self-care among first responders.

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