• CMPS Staff

Quotes from Police, Corrections, and Probation & Parole Officers Who've Taken Our Training

Police Officers

This class should be mandatory for all County Sheriff's personnel with the amount of stress we encounter. I found the information and breathing techniques very helpful.
This is a much-needed course for our department and for all law enforcement nationwide. It gives us the ability to recognize the impact stress has on us and how to effectively cope with it.

Correctional Officers

I’m noticing the difference now with inmates - if I stop and calm myself, it helps them calm down, helping them come back to the present, instead of continuously yelling about their past.
The practices help with the inmates. I am more able to forgive them and see them as humans. I'm being more open to them.
When I left our practice group last week, I walked into a riot that had broken out among inmates in the gym. It was interesting to approach the crisis while being keenly aware of using the self-regulation tools discussed just moments before in our session. Very beneficial!

Parole/Probation Officers

I have more self-awareness and resilience. I am more empowered and have control over myself. I have become more accepting of the fact that I can't control everything but I can take charge of my emotions through mindfulness. I am aware of my ability to decide how to be present in any given moment. I can disconnect from the emotions of my client but still show them empathy and stay empowered. I have enjoyed this opportunity to look deeper into myself and spend time with like-minded individuals.
I have realized that if I paid attention to what was going on within, I was able to adjust and respond to it. It has made me a better person and probation officer.