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PODCAST: Mindfulness and Effective Peer Support with Sgt. Brian Casey

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Sgt. Brian Casey, on Cultivating Emotional Fitness and Resilience speaking with Crawford Coates 35-year veteran police officer, paramedic, EMS educator, and author, Sgt. Brian Casey of the St. Paul, Minnesota police department shares his insights as a health educator from more than three decades of attending to critical incidents and supporting fellow officers doing the same.

Transitioning from a 20-year career as a paramedic and health educator to becoming a police officer now 15 years into his law enforcement career as a patrol officer and returning to health education for his fellow police officers.

The importance of effective peer support programs and what makes them work. The importance of being careful about the use of language and the risk of making assumptions about trauma and harm... that experiences are not automatically traumatizing, but rather it depends on an individual's experience. What creates trauma and harm for one person may not for another.

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