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PODCAST: Bio-Hacking Resilience for First Responders with Mitchell Abrams

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Physician, Radiologist, and Founder and CEO of NexGenHealth Ltd., Dr. Mitchell Abrams shares his remarkable journey through western healthcare, as a physician, division chief and open-heart surgical patient. Through these experiences, he has been afforded an intimate look into our current healthcare model and a unique perspective on life.

The importance of shifting preventive approaches to health and wellness for first responders in a healthcare system focused on technology and the economics of curative medical treatment.

Developing integrative, evidence-based, whole person (body-mind-spirit) approaches for enhancing resilience and wellbeing for first responders that include new biohacking and wearable technologies. Normalizing smart self-care to mitigate the health risks associated with the ongoing exposure to high stress and trauma experienced by first responders.

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