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Corrections Testimonials

“This training, in general, has kinda slowed me down a bit, to stop and show up more prepared in general for work. Even stuff we're doing at home. My wife has noticed some changes in a positive way. I've also not been getting as frustrated with my kids.”

“When I walked through the doors (at work), I was a bit anxious so I took 5 minutes and did some straw breathing before logging in at work.”

“The sessions are fantastic! I love checking in and learning about another topic. My favourite part is hearing how everyone is doing. I thoroughly enjoy the body scan, mindful movement and the breathing exercises. It seems, that I really like ALL of it!”



"I have calmed down in a major way. I am able to tell the difference between my stuff and other people's stuff and not get caught up in what is not mine. And it works at home too, we get along a lot better and I have more hope." 




“I am so grateful and humbled for the opportunity to help my coworkers learn these tools, for the opportunity to continue to focus on using them myself and to promote a positive cultural shift in the DOC family. I care very much about the wellbeing of my coworkers and I am so grateful to help them as they learn these new skills.”


“I’m noticing the difference now with inmates - if I stop and calm myself, it helps them calm down, helping them come back to the present, instead of continuously yelling about their past.”

“It's my belief that this course provides some valuable tools to help combat work induced stress.”



I'm using the breathing practice about every other day.It helps to quiet my kind and helps me relax to go to sleep.”


From this course, I can apply the stuff that I've learned here at work and also at home with my family. I get less upset with my kids and they seem to want to spend more time with me, as the new less reactive me.”


"I am getting more sleep and am less anxious at work. I used to be exhausted all the time but now I am taking better care of myself."





“The practices help with the inmates. I am more able to forgive them and see them as humans. I'm being more open to them.”


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