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PODCAST: Mindfulness and an Evolving Law Enforcement Culture with Chad McGeehee and Susan Carnell

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Chad McGehee and Susan Carnell on Mindfulness and an Evolving Law Enforcement Culture

Mindfulness teacher and college athletic trainer Chad McGehee and 26-year Madison, Wisconsin police officer and licensed social worker Susan Carnell discuss their experiences in delivering a mindfulness training program for police officers in Madison, Wisconsin. The very human nature of police work, the similarities with social work, and how law enforcement culture is evolving along with society. The power of embracing ownership and agency for our own habits and behaviors, as well as some of our collective cultural habits in law enforcement, some of which may be serving us and society better than others.

The impact of high stress and trauma on officers and how mindfulness training can support first responders in removing or transforming the shame associated with trauma and mitigating the negative impacts and health risks associated with occupational trauma exposure.

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