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PODCAST: The Mindful Responder with Crawford Coates

Updated: Apr 5

Author of Mindful Responder: The First Responder's Field Guide to Improved Resilience, Fulfillment, Presence, & Fitness – On and Off the Job, Crawford Coates, discusses his experience with first responder and public safety education and training work through Lexipol, Calibre Press, and other organizations.

The challenges first responders face transitioning between highly disturbing experiences and the normalcy of their personal and family lives on a daily basis. The power of "tactical pausing"... finding the discretionary time between demanding events to reflect, recover, reset your mindset or even just the time to take a conscious breath. The importance of rest, building rest and recovery time into our daily and weekly routines, as well as healthy self-care practices around diet, exercise, hydration, etc.

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