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PODCAST: Defining Resilience as a First Responder with Jeff Morley

23-year RCMP veteran police officer (ret.), clinical psychologist, and resilience trainer, Jeffrey Morley PhD talks about his own journey through occupational stress and trauma and his current clinical practice supporting first responders and helping them heal from occupational stress and trauma injuries. The rewards and challenges of the very different types of police work he did over the course of his career working in patrol, plain clothes investigative work, and leadership, as well as the importance of physical fitness and healthy relationships to his own resilience. Making the transition from law enforcement to clinical work as a psychologist supporting first responders in healing from traumatic stress and occupational stress injuries.

Defining resilience as including some of the normal adaptations first responders make in order to cope with very stressful and challenging jobs and the importance of self-awareness and recognizing the early warning signs of physical and mental health risks, as well as maintaining social connections both within and without their profession.

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