• CMPS Staff

Not Your Traditional Copper

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Mr. Stecker retired Feb. 28 after 33 years at the police department — 28 of those on midnight shift. The position was one of helping others, including residents unable to reach anyone else after hours.

He has jump-started cars, lit water heaters, calmed barking dogs, and closed many garage doors as residents slept — in contrast with Toledo, where calls for service on a busy night can inundate police, Mr. Stecker said.

“We have the privilege in the suburbs, more specifically Oregon, to have much more personal service with the people that live here or even just pass through,” he said.

Mr. Stecker, who grew up in East Toledo, described himself as “not your traditional copper.” He has practiced both meditation and martial arts for years, and loves classical music.

The patience from meditation allows a better understanding of those who lose perspective. Police are tasked with finding a solution to someone’s problem, he said.

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