• CMPS Staff

Mindfulness Training Helps Firefighters

Physically dangerous and mentally challenging, the job of firefighters can be overwhelmingly stressful, and if there are not healthy ways for these first responders to alleviate that stress, it accumulates, taking its toll.

A 2016 report by the International Association of Fire Fighters, a labor union that represents full-time firefighters and EMTs in the United States and Canada, found that firefighters and paramedics show levels of post-traumatic stress disorder similar to combat veterans.

Accordingly, Worcester District Fire Chief Douglas Courville, who attends numerous conferences on state, regional, national and international levels, finds that the agenda almost always includes discussions about how to reduce stress.

So, when Fire Lt. Patrick Chvriuk approached Chief Courville with his suggestion that mindfulness training might be helpful in reducing stress for Worcester firefighters, the lieutenant found a receptive audience.

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