• CMPS Staff

Mindful Policing: The Future of Force

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

With police violence—and public scrutiny— on the rise, cities turn to mindfulness to help officers deal with the stress of the job.

You guys ready for a technique?” the trainer asks. “Everybody, sit up straight. Uncross your legs. Just look straight ahead.”

Eric White gathers his 6-foot-8 frame and straightens his back in the conference-room chair. Instead of his usual police uniform, he wears a blue polo shirt and jeans. The trainer, Don Chartrand, is visiting Emeryville, California, to talk with officers here about how to reduce their stress and build resilience with exercises like intentional breathing.

“This is not anything weird,” he promises. “This is absolutely science-based.”

Cops appreciate evidence, he knows, and so Chartrand has come equipped with PowerPoint graphs and lessons about heart-rate variability, the stress hormone cortisol, and how to keep the autonomous nervous system in balance.

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