• CMPS Staff

MBWR in Action!

Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety (CMPS) is leading a 10-week Mindfulness-Based Wellness & Resiliency® (MBWR) training in Ontario, Canada for Parole, Probation and Corrections Professionals and and it's going great so far!

Here are some tweets from the Sylvia Jones, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services:

"Our frontline correctional service workers experience some of the highest rates of occupational stress and are exposed to traumatic events regularly."
"The 10 week program supports resiliency building, stress management, health enhancement and aims to reduce the impact of occupational stress injuries. Our government is committed to support the #mentalhealth of all community safety personnel including corrections staff."
"We will continue to make mental health a priority and work toward creating an Ontario where everyone is fully supported in their journey toward #mentalwellness"