• CMPS Staff

Is Meditation the Best Cure for PTSD in Law Enforcement?

Meditation may be one of the most surprising and useful treatments for PTSD, here’s why.

June is designated as national post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) awareness month, but it’s important to speak year-round about the symptoms of and treatments for PTSD to provide hope and awareness to those suffering with this life-altering mental illness.

Unfortunately, the issue of PTSD goes largely unaddressed in public safety roles because of the stigma first responders experience when speaking about mental health issues. The fear of being perceived as incompetent or not up to the job makes them hesitant to admit they need help. Rather, they prefer to deal with it on their own. The reality of losing a career or workplace camaraderie contributes to this issue.

The system won’t change overnight, but the choices you make for yourself can.

PoliceOne has investigated the practice of meditation and its impact and healing properties on those living with PTSD. Meditation can be practiced by anyone, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to try, it can be practiced alone – and its healing properties, according to the professionals, are exceptional.

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