• CMPS Staff

How a 6 Seconds Mindfulness Practice Can Make a Difference

Scientific evidence shows how re-wiring your brain creates new neural pathways which lead to new behaviors.

But can a 6 seconds mindfulness practice make a difference?

According to Dr. Gene Van Tassell

  1.  Pathways that are rarely or never used cause neurons to wither away or never develop properly.

  2.  When you use a pathway, it becomes more developed. The more you use it, the more developed it becomes.

(Click here to check out a 3 minute visual clip of how effective and ineffective neural pathways develop. This video clip is part of a 109 minute film called What the Bleep Do We Know.)

Where does this leave us?

In a pretty great place. By creating a daily mindfulness practice, we can create and develop our own neural pathways. According to Marsha Lucas, Ph.D, even 6 seconds makes a difference . Dr. Lucas explains on  Seattle KING-TV,  how to do a no-excuses 6 seconds practice in order to help develop a more mindful mindset. To learn more about this practice, watch the 2 minutes video clip by clicking HERE.

Marsha Lucas, PH.D, is studying brain-behavior and a practicing psychotherapy. Prior, she was a neuropsychologist on the faculty at the Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Lucas is also the author of “Rewire Your Brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness”.