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Police Testimonials:



“This is a much-needed course for our department and all of law enforcement nationwide.”




“I am happy to see the agency is providing training progressive towards our health and wellness.”



“Through this training, it kinda brought me out a little bit. I went and got some help with some of the mental stuff I've been going through, my anxiety, and I credit this training. I had a bad reaction to my medicine & the straw breathing & techniques you guys have taught me really kept me calm. I thought I was having a heart attack. I was with my wife and kids, had to slam on the brakes, pull into a parking lot, and the straw breathing saved me I think. Thank you. If I didn't go through some of this training I might have kept freaking out. So thank you very much.”





“Just wanted to send this email to let you know that the class has helped me more than you will ever know.  I am becoming so comfortable with myself and who I am. I am starting to enjoy what life throws at me and use it as a tool to continue to grow. Thank you so much.”

“The breathing techniques were the most helpful. Great instructors with respect for our career.”




“I am glad I am able to be a part of this class because with the amount of stress we encounter, there is a chance to recharge and get healthy.”



“I was pleasantly surprised. I did not know what to expect, but I finished the course with a positive opinion.”







“I was hesitant about this class at first because of how it might differ from the way we are trained, but I have related a lot and am grateful for taking this course.”


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