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Probation/Parole Testimonials:

 “I immediately went to an incident from last week - we had a job fair here, and we had an individual at the beginning that was very loud, obnoxious, disruptive. I took a few minutes to approach this man and listen to him. He just wanted someone to hear him. This man didn't go to jail last week because I took 5 minutes out of my time to listen to him. It all came full circle.”


“Over the course of weeks of doing this practice, I'm not as easily flustered. I'm using techniques. I'm not as triggered - it was easy for clients to get me riled and ramped up before. I have so much is happening in my life, the transitioning of me, my son is graduating in June and this practice is helping me without feeling overwhelmed.”




“I feel like I am maturing emotionally and able to handle and communicate my emotions more” effectively in the moment.



“I don't take things as personally as I used to. Now I'm able to let things go. I no longer take home the stress from what takes place during my shift. I know I can deal with things tomorrow. I am sleeping better.”



“I have more self-awareness and resilience. I am more empowered and have control over myself. I have become more accepting of the fact that I can't control everything but I can take charge of my emotions through mindfulness. I am aware of my ability to decide how to be present in any given moment. I can disconnect from the emotions of my client but still, show them empathy and stay empowered. I have enjoyed this opportunity to look deeper into myself and spend time with like-minded individuals.”  


“It was great to re-connect. People were engaged and I believe happy to continue the program, which I found to be very encouraging.” 


“I’m able to let go of what is not productive so I have fewer battles to deal with than before.”




“The curriculum drew attention back to caring for myself. I needed an "intervention" and this course helped me find a conscious way back to self-care.”




“I have realized that if I paid attention to what was going on within, I was able to adjust and respond to it. It has made me a better person and probation officer.”

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