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Mindfulness-Based Wellness & Resiliency

Specific Learning Outcomes

1) Practice basic mindfulness meditation and integrate mindfulness into clinical practice with clients in the form of increased capacity for presence, focus, listening, insight, and compassion.

2) Utilize, model, and teach mindfulness-based skills and practices for self-regulation and stress-management.

3) Identify practical strategies for making steady improvements in physical health, fitness, and resilience through:

  • healthy nutrition

  • exercise 

  • sufficient sleep and rest

  • limiting alcohol and nicotine use

4) Develop skills in building mental resilience by reframing negative thinking and maintaining a positive attitude 

5) Develop greater emotional intelligence through:

  • cultivating emotional literacy

  • improving listening skills

  • managing emotional triggers

  • learning to sense and value the feelings and needs of others

6) Describe strategies for ongoing mindfulness practice, emotional intelligence, skill-building, and overall personal development

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